Filterman LIMPOPO            

Distributing quality lubrication, parts and     machinery in Limpopo.

1.  Background

 a.    Company History

Filter Man is a BEE compliant company established in 2002 and became an official Donaldson distributor in 2006. We offer advice and supply superior quality filtration products to eliminate contaminant related wear and failures for the mining, automotive, industrial and related industries. Thanks to our excellent service delivery, hard work and diligence, we are proud of numerous awards from Donaldson including Donaldson Distributor of the Year Award in both 2007, 2010 and 2013.

b.    What we do

We offer advice and supply superior quality filtration products to eliminate contaminant related wear and failures for the mining, automotive, industrial and related industries. Filter Man services virtually any industrial market that includes mining, transport, agricultural, forestry and manufacturing.

2.  Strategy & Vision

a.    Vision statement

To establish a sustainable warehouse and distribution network across the Limpopo Province.

b.    Mission statement

To provide filtration solutions that improve people's lives, enhance customers’ equipment performance and protect the environment.

c.    Values

Every action we take is driven by our key values of integrity, respect and commitment.

Integrity – we build trust and credibility by demonstrating the highest ethical standards, sound judgment, character and courage in all of our actions.

Respect – we thrive in an inclusive workplace where each employee can contribute fully to our success through collaboration and teamwork.

Commitment – we take individual responsibility for meeting our shared goals and honouring our commitments to each other, our customers, our communities and our environment.

3.  Products & Services

a.    Products

Filter Man specialize in mobile filtration, clean fuel and lubricant solutions and industrial hydraulics, specifically the Donaldson brand. We also include in our range of products lubricants (CIM Lubrifuel), wear parts e.g. tips and blades (Rocktec) as well as grease guns and components (G – Gun).

b.    Services

-              Onsite training

-              Service kits packed specific to machine and service interval

-             Pricing agreement and or Contract to ensure pricing and value added service is adhered to

-              Technical assistance on engine and component failures

-              Donaldson Warranty

-              Filtration solutions for application specific problems e.g. air intake systems, engine- transmission and hydraulic filtration systems, bulk filtration systems and coolant.

c.    Business competitiveness

The Donaldson Brand in South Africa is an advantage in itself, Donaldson is a household brand within the mining, construction and transport industries. In-house product knowledge and the ability to assist customers with hardware application and system improvements differentiate and establish good relationship with local businesses. Having stock locally and being able to support demand immediately eliminating lead times and frustration. Full support from Donaldson South Africa with regards to training warranty claims and advise on system improvements.

d.    Quality policies

As we are purely a warehouse distributor for various products ISO ratings and SABS standards can be requested from the suppliers as needed.

e.    BEE

Filter Man currently has 26% black ownership. Our company donates on average R3500 per month, of which most donations are to previously disadvantaged beneficiaries. Some of which are also to the company’s own employees. Filter Man has provided skills training and has assisted in funding for further education for their employees who are previously disadvantaged and has also participated in supplier development and has bought from companies that are black owned and are still starting up, furthermore we have been giving a settlement discount of at least 2.5% to black owed companies.