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Reinol Hand Cleaner (Original)

Industry’s leading solvent-free hand cleaner. Medically approved, it nourishes and disinfects the skin while removing grease, paint, tar, and most other kinds of dirt. 
Helps to prevent dry skin, allergies, itchiness and inflammation - problems associated with normal solvent based hand cleaners.

Economical and effective; available in a wall-mounted dispenser which, when correctly used, allows 600 handwashes per 2 litre cartridge. The following pack sizes are available: 250ml tubs, 500ml tubs, 1 litre tubs, 2 litre tubs, 2 litre cartridges (for dispenser) and 10 litre buckets.

Reinol has been manufactured and used world wide since 1917, and is currently only manufactured in South Africa & India


  1. The natural oils and soaps enter the pores to remove heavy soil and grease, leaving the skin improved with every
    usage of the product. Reinol does not remove the natural oils already on your skin, which products containing any
    form of solvent will do. Reinol's unique "after feel" is proof that its natural ingredients are conditioning and
    protecting the skin.
  2. The sand we use is specially selected silica sand with each particle being almost perfectly round. The sand is washed and the germinated prior to use. The rounded particles of sand enable it to enter the pores of your hand and ease out the dirt.
  3. Reinol is non susceptible to bacterial contamination as per the Thor report (copy attached)
  4. Proof that no solvents are used as per the SABS test report (copy attached)
  5. A leading dermatologist , Dr David Presbury, attests to the non allergic properties of Reinol (copy attached)
  6. Reinol is a very economical product borne out by the fact that only a teaspoon of the product is normally required to clean the hands to total satisfaction. Our unique dispenser (now at a reduced price) dispenses 600 hand washes from a 2L cartridge. Dispenser Kit Instructions attached.
  7. Reinol has 92% active ingredients, which means that of all the ingredients used, 92% of them are doing the job of cleaning.
  8. pH level is between 9.8 and 10.3. Household soap has a pH level of between 9 and 10.5.