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Piusi 1” Flow Meter K33/K44


• Not suitable for petrol & dry solvents

• Robust nutating disc flow meter shows up to 999 litres

• Option Four digit counter version

• 20 - 120L/min. 1” BSPF ports. Ideal for pumped systems

• Max. pressure 10bar

• Accuracy of ±1% with adjustable calibration

• Aluminium housing & cover

• 3 digit register (4 digit available) 6 digit non re-settable totaliser

• Front face can be rotated in 90° increments

• Available 10:1 pulser ¬tted to 4 digit version only

• Use Piusi line strainer to protect meter

• Not approved for resale

Battery Portable Pump Kits

• Max. flow 50L/min. Empties 205 litre drum in approx 5 mins

• Aluminium manual nozzle with inlet swivel. Choose 12V or 24V

• 4m long delivery hose with robust swaged ends

• Direct drive vane pumping unit with bypass valve

• 2m long battery cable & croc clips

• Switch & carry handle

• Weatherproof to IP54 for outdoor use. Foot mounting plate   

• Max. run time 30 mins 

3 Micron T.R.A.P. Breather Assembly

The Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection (T.R.A.P.) Breather assembly protects the fluids in your storage tanks from airborne particulate contamination and ambient moisture.
It combines a high capacity 3 micron air filter with a deliquescent breather that regenerates itself when air is expelled from the tank. The self-regenerating moisture blocking capability of T.R.A.P enables extended life and functionality.

Bulk tank breather assembly includes:
•Restriction indicator port 1/8” NPT
•2.32 PSI/15 kPa relief valve
•Brass fittings with a 1 ½” BSP Socket


  • For use with all diesel fuels and lubricants
  • Above and below ground tanks
  • Mobile service trucks
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Most tanks up to 10,000 gal. / 40,000 liters (large tanks may require multiple units)


  • Superior moisture and particulate contamination protection
  • Longer service intervals than typical silica gel breathers
  • Can be installed in a variety of applications


  • High efficiency air filtration
  • Self-regenerating moisture adsorption
  • Easy to service
  • For indoor or outdoor use, even in cold temperatures
Donaldson Breather
15CFLS008_DFF0078_CFLS_Breather.pdf (290.21KB)
Donaldson Breather
15CFLS008_DFF0078_CFLS_Breather.pdf (290.21KB)

Clean Diesel Carts

Clean Diesel Carts are the perfect solution for fuel
transfer and kidney loop applications. A high efficiency
fuel filter and water absorber (included) work together to
ensure that your diesel is both clean and dry.
The carts are powered by top quality pumps in
your choice of AC 120V, DC 12V, or DC 24/12V.
Maximum flow rates range from 15 gpm / 56 lpm to
21 gpm / 80 lpm, which makes short work of cleaning
small to medium sized tanks. Easy to read, green
to red service indicators on the two filters function
independently, alerting the operator when one of the
filters needs changing.